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Windows HEX Com ports analyzer tool is free software for debugging COM ports.
It helps in exploring, analyzing and debugging COM port communication through a powerful protocol analyzer. It provides simultaneous analysis of all messages that are being sent between the computer and the COM port.
It has a special cheat sheet to assist in the transfer of certain types of communication between COM port and computer. Every device that is connected to the COM port is assigned a number with the help of which you can browse through all the messages that have been sent or received from the device using log files.

Thank you for the Reply. VCSA 1.3 is very good and user friendly. Although it isn’t a free application, it is so easy to use that you won’t even need the help menu. It is much better than the box user interface that has become so common in modern versions of VESAware.

UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I have been following the development of WinHexCom for years now. I have used pretty much every release since 1.0 – 1.2 without event. It is amazing to think that in the not so distant past, a developer had an idea and realized it could be done with what they had and it would be good enough. I have also saved the logs in the past.
Now VESAware has done it again. A far cry from it’s previous releases and has done it better.
This is a joy to use, without it’s own help, there’s not way to use it. It is a far cry from the ancient DOS HexCom.

HexNet is a network protocol analyzer created by HexCode Inc., a subsidiary of Polish management consulting company Český & Konfidenský Svaz (CK&K S.R.O.). The CVS is also developed by HexCode Inc. and a part of the HexNet complex as a whole. There are several versions of HexNet for Windows, but the current version is the 7.3.0.
The basic idea of HexNet is to allow, almost in real time, viewing and/or recording not just byte stream of a packet, but the raw bytes themselves. This approach allows making decisions on what actually happens in the data stream and finally on what is necessary to be designed or changed in the hardware or software. HexNet combines the following main features:
Dump packet, PCAP, or Session
View packet, PCAP

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Easy to use Free software.I’ve tried to contact the author of this software after downloading of my new order but he didn’t reply. Is it normal to get an order of software without a manual? Or not every software manufacturer provide the manual with the software?


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WinHexCom With License Key [Latest 2022]

Allows you to analyze and debug the RS232 or RS485 communication using both ASCII and hexadecimal display mode.

WinDosCom is a small and handy Windows application whose purpose is to perform many operations that are usually under the responsibility of Windows or administrator. However, even the most advanced users may not be able to perform these actions on their own, so the tool assists them in the process.
Advantages of Using WinDosCom
As a small package, the software offers a great combination of features. Even if it takes only a few seconds to perform a task, it saves you many time when you have to perform similar operations several times in a row. The program also offers access to features that Windows can’t offer.
User interface
Although the program may not be designed for novice users, the developers have taken care to give the interface a clean and organized look. While it may not be as intuitive as Windows, it is very easy to navigate through the various settings and features.
File management
WinDosCom supports various file management features, including file renaming, changing, copying, saving, editing, and even deleting. Furthermore, you can create temporary files which can be later deleted. On top of that, you are able to open and save files with a wide range of formats, including word documents and even ZIP files.
Control panel
The application has three unique tools that are designed to help you make changes to control panel and desktop functions. While the Hot Keys feature may not serve you much with a modern PC, the Hidden Form feature may be useful in some circumstances. However, the Custom Layouts feature should be used with caution. Even an inexperienced user may accidentally delete settings that are essential to your computer.
Bottom line
As a small package, WinDosCom comes with a wide range of powerful features that can significantly ease your work with Windows.

WinMac is a small but capable application whose purpose is to help you work with a powerful file manager and remote desktop software that has already helped thousands of Windows users to work easier and faster. The tool can perform various operations for you, such as renaming, copying, moving, checking the content of a file, checking its properties, opening files and more.
Common tasks
The most common functions include checking the content of a file, editing and saving files, renaming and moving files, checking the properties of a file, saving changes to a file, opening and closing applications, and of course, replacing

What’s New In?

WinHexCom is a very lightweight Windows application whose purpose is to help you work with a straightforward protocol analyzer. It allows you to debug only two communication ports but it may run multiple instances in order to debug four or more ports. The program features the ability to work with ASCII and hexadecimal display mode, choose the port type, as well as select a protocol for file transfer, log files, work with a checksum calculator, and send messages.

This tool is a wireless adapter, it is configured for all models and all users as a ‘Guest’ using the credential manager.

Be sure to make sure the device is available before launching the device manager.

Clicking OK will activate the adapter as a Guest.

NOTE: I used this tool to get my wireless adapter working on my Windows 7 host computer. It’s a test product and won’t be used any where else.

The new model for Windows Server 2012 Service Pack 1 has arrived and with it also the Technical Preview of Virtual Machine Manager 5.5.
VMware vMotion and vMotion Extensions for Windows in Windows Server Technical Preview 5 can now be downloaded from the VMware website.
The new product is included in the Service Pack 1 with Windows Server 2012 Technical Preview 5.

The latest service pack introduced the previously announced support for Mac OS X 10.9.5 and Windows 8.1 operating systems. The Windows 10 Technical Preview now supports Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.

Currently, vMotion and vMotion Extensions for Mac OS X in Mac OS X Technical Preview 5 are not available for download.

vMotion is a hot topic in the virtualization community. VMware support for this technology was a key feature in the release of vSphere 6. It is also the core of VMware’s vCloud Air service.

What’s new in Windows Server 2012 Service Pack 1 Technical Preview 5

In the latest iteration of the service pack, Microsoft has introduced two new features:

Integrated Routing and Remote Access Service (IRRAS): IRRAS provides a single point of management for remote access to Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1 servers. IRRAS supports the physical interface of either a network connection or a direct-connect NIC on a server. It includes several new features, including support for vRDS-Controlled SRST. Microsoft has created two new tasks to add an IPv4 or IPv6 address to a static IPv4 mapping, and

System Requirements:

Windows 7 or later (32 or 64 bit).
Mac OS X 10.6 or later (32 or 64 bit).
2 GB RAM (16 GB for the 32 bit version)
DirectX 9 (minimum) or OpenGL 2.0 (minimum)
Supported keyboard, mouse, controller and monitor resolutions are:
1600×900 pixels: DPI: 75
1600×1200 pixels: DPI: 100
1680×1050 pixels: DPI: 112
1920×1080 pixels

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