Wayne Riker - The Complete Electric Blues Guitar Method - Mastering [Book Audio].zip Added - Печатный знак

Wayne Riker – The Complete Electric Blues Guitar Method – Mastering [Book Audio].zip Added

How to Master Electric Blues Guitar with Wayne Riker’s Book and Audio.zip

If you are looking for a comprehensive and advanced course on electric blues guitar, you might want to check out Wayne Riker’s book and audio.zip, titled Mastering Electric Blues Guitar. This book is part of the Complete Electric Blues Guitar Method series, which covers everything from beginner to intermediate to mastering levels.

In this article, we will review the book and audio.zip, and show you how to download and use them to improve your electric blues guitar skills.

What is Mastering Electric Blues Guitar?

Mastering Electric Blues Guitar is a book by Wayne Riker, a professional guitarist and instructor who has written over 30 books on guitar. The book is 144 pages long and comes with a CD that contains audio examples and backing tracks for all the exercises and songs in the book.

The book covers various aspects of electric blues guitar theory and technique, such as blues scales, composite scales, Mixolydian mode, arpeggio superimpositions, 8-bar blues, gospel blues, minor blues, and more. It also contains licks and solos in the styles of blues masters like Muddy Waters, Big Bill Broonzy, Freddie King, B.B. King, John Lee Hooker, and others.

The book is designed for advanced players who want to take their electric blues guitar playing to the next level. It assumes that you have some basic knowledge of blues guitar and music theory. It also requires that you have a good command of your instrument and can play with accuracy and speed.

How to Download and Use the Book and Audio.zip?

If you are interested in getting Mastering Electric Blues Guitar, you can buy it online from various sources. One of them is Amazon.com, where you can get the paperback version for $14.94 or the Kindle version for $9.99. You can also borrow it for free from the Internet Archive website, where you can download it as a PDF file or read it online.

The audio.zip file is included in the CD that comes with the paperback version of the book. If you buy the Kindle version or borrow the PDF file from the Internet Archive, you will need to download the audio.zip file separately. You can do that from this link: https://archive.org/download/mastering-electric-blues-guitar/mastering-electric-blues-guitar_audio.zip

Once you have the book and audio.zip file, you can start using them to learn electric blues guitar. You can follow the book’s instructions and examples, and listen to the audio tracks to hear how they sound. You can also play along with the backing tracks to practice your licks and solos.

What are the Benefits of Learning Electric Blues Guitar?

Learning electric blues guitar can have many benefits for your musical development and enjoyment. Here are some of them:

  • It can improve your sense of rhythm and groove, as blues is based on a strong and steady beat.
  • It can enhance your ear training and improvisation skills, as blues is a highly expressive and creative genre that relies on listening and responding to the music.
  • It can expand your vocabulary and repertoire, as blues is a rich and diverse genre that has influenced many other styles of music.
  • It can boost your confidence and charisma, as blues is a genre that requires you to play with passion and emotion.

What are Some Tips for Playing Electric Blues Guitar?

If you want to play electric blues guitar well, you need to practice regularly and learn from the masters. Here are some tips that can help you along the way:

  • Learn the 12-bar blues form, which is the most common structure for blues songs. It consists of three chords (I, IV, and V) that are played in a specific order and duration.
  • Learn the blues scale, which is a pentatonic scale with an added flat fifth note. It is the most common scale for playing blues licks and solos.
  • Learn some blues licks, which are short phrases or patterns that you can use to embellish your playing. You can learn them from books, videos, or by copying your favorite blues players.
  • Learn some blues techniques, such as bending, vibrato, hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, and double stops. These are ways of playing the notes that add expression and character to your sound.
  • Play with dynamics, tone, and feel. These are aspects of playing that affect how your music sounds and feels. You can use different volume levels, pick attack, tone settings, and effects to create different moods and textures.


Electric blues guitar is a fun and rewarding genre to learn and play. It can help you improve your musical skills, expand your knowledge, and express yourself creatively. With Wayne Riker’s book and audio.zip, you can master electric blues guitar in no time. You just need to follow his instructions, listen to his examples, and practice with his backing tracks. So what are you waiting for? Grab your guitar and start playing some blues today!



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