Tor Browser Bundle 8.5.5 ((INSTALL)) Free Download - Печатный знак

Tor Browser Bundle 8.5.5 ((INSTALL)) Free Download


Tor Browser Bundle 8.5.5 Free Download

on windows,.exe files are often named with the file extension of.exe. on mac and linux, executable files are typically named with the extension of.
torbrowser-install-8.5.5_en-us.exe files are typically named with the file extension of.torbrowser-install-8. the torbrowser-install-8.exe file will have a similar file extension.

you can also search for other.exe files in your computer that may be related to the torbrowser-install-8.5.5_en-us.exe file. the tor project strongly recommends that you do not attempt to rename or delete the torbrowser-install-8. this file is needed in order to properly install tor browser bundle.

while tor browser bundle uses the same web pages and functionality as regular browsers, it employs a variety of security measures to help protect you from man-in-the-middle attacks, such as the following:

  • the initial tor browser bundle download from our servers is signed and verified. (dns over tls)
  • when you first launch tor browser bundle, your identity is authenticated against a pre-installed list of trustworthy gateways. this list is updated as new tor browser bundle releases are released. (dnssec)
  • a public and private key pair is used to encrypt your communication to tor and to decrypt your communication from tor, respectively. your address is hidden by a pseudonymous identity that is issued from a trusted key.

for example, a minimum configuration of windows requires approximately four minutes, and an even faster mac, linux, or android configuration needs only a few seconds. after you’ve downloaded and installed the latest version of tor browser bundle, you can launch it as many times as you like and you don’t need to worry about remembering to turn it back on each time you restart your device.


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