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Superbiester 1982 15: A Cult Classic of German Comedy

Superbiester 1982 15 is a German comedy film directed by Christian Lara and released in 1982. The film, also known as Une glace avec deux boules in France and Superbiester! ‘Nen Freund zum Geburtstag in West Germany, tells the story of two teenage girls who decide to seduce older men for fun and money.

The Plot of Superbiester 1982 15

The film follows the adventures of Valérie (Valérie Dumas) and Désirée (Désirée Nosbusch), two 15-year-old friends who live in a small town in France. They are bored with their school and family life, and dream of escaping to Paris. One day, they come up with a plan to make some money by offering ice cream with two scoops to men who are willing to pay for their company. They also decide to have sex with them as a birthday present for themselves.

The girls start by targeting a local baker, who falls for Valérie’s charms and gives her a necklace. They then move on to a wealthy businessman, who takes Désirée to his hotel room and showers her with gifts. However, things get complicated when the girls develop feelings for their clients, and when their parents and teachers find out about their scheme.

The Cast and Crew of Superbiester 1982 15

The film stars Valérie Dumas and Désirée Nosbusch as the main protagonists, both of whom were newcomers at the time. Dumas went on to have a successful career as a TV host and actress in France, while Nosbusch became a popular singer and actress in Germany and Luxembourg. The film also features Valérie Kaprisky as one of their classmates, who would later star in films such as Breathless and La femme publique.

The film was directed by Christian Lara, a French filmmaker who specialized in erotic comedies and dramas. He also wrote the screenplay, based on his own novel of the same name. The film was produced by Alain Siritzky, who was known for producing the Emmanuelle series of softcore films. The film was shot in France and West Germany, with locations such as Paris, Strasbourg, Baden-Baden, and Heidelberg.

The Reception and Legacy of Superbiester 1982 15

The film was released in France on March 17, 1982, under the title Une glace avec deux boules… ou je le dis à papa!, which translates to “An ice cream with two scoops… or I tell daddy!”. It was also released in West Germany on April 23, 1982, under the title Superbiester! ‘Nen Freund zum Geburtstag, which translates to “Superbeasts! A friend for your birthday”. The film was not released in the United States or the United Kingdom.

The film received mixed reviews from critics and audiences, who praised the performances of the young actresses but criticized the plot and the humor. The film was also controversial for its depiction of underage sexuality and prostitution, which led to some censorship issues in some countries. The film was rated 16+ in France and West Germany, but was banned in Norway and Sweden.

The film has since become a cult classic among fans of German comedy and erotic cinema. It has been released on DVD and Blu-ray in several countries, with different titles and cuts. The film has also inspired several parodies and homages, such as Süperbister, a Turkish remake from 2013.

The Themes and Messages of Superbiester 1982 15

Superbiester 1982 15 is a film that explores the themes of adolescence, sexuality, and rebellion. The film portrays the girls as curious and adventurous, but also naive and vulnerable. They use their bodies as a way to express themselves and to escape from their mundane reality, but they also face the consequences of their actions. The film also shows the contrast between the conservative and traditional society of the 1980s and the modern and liberal culture of the big cities.

The film also delivers a message of female empowerment and friendship. The girls are not passive victims, but active agents who make their own choices and take control of their lives. They also support each other and share their experiences, forming a strong bond that transcends their differences. The film celebrates the joy and freedom of being young and female, while also acknowledging the challenges and risks that come with it.

The Trivia and Fun Facts of Superbiester 1982 15

Superbiester 1982 15 is a film that has many trivia and fun facts that add to its charm and appeal. Here are some of them:

  • The film was originally titled Les deux boules de glace, which means “The two ice cream balls”, but it was changed to Une glace avec deux boules, which means “An ice cream with two scoops”, to avoid confusion with another film called Les deux boules, which means “The two balls”.
  • The film was inspired by the real-life story of two teenage girls who were arrested for prostitution in Strasbourg in 1981. The girls claimed that they were doing it for fun and money, and that they had a list of clients that included politicians, businessmen, and celebrities.
  • The film features a cameo appearance by the famous French singer and actor Johnny Hallyday, who plays himself in a scene where he meets Désirée at a concert. Hallyday was one of the most popular and influential artists in France, and he was known as the “French Elvis”.
  • The film also features a cameo appearance by the famous German comedian Otto Waalkes, who plays a taxi driver in a scene where he drives Valérie and her client to a hotel. Waalkes was one of the most popular and successful comedians in Germany, and he was known for his parodies and sketches.
  • The film was a box office hit in France and West Germany, where it attracted more than 3 million and 2 million viewers respectively. It was also a success in other countries such as Italy, Spain, and Japan. However, it was not released in the United States or the United Kingdom, where it was considered too controversial and explicit.

The Conclusion of Superbiester 1982 15

Superbiester 1982 15 is a film that deserves to be rediscovered and appreciated by modern audiences. It is a film that combines comedy, drama, romance, and erotica, with a touch of nostalgia and satire. It is a film that showcases the talent and charisma of its young stars, who would go on to have brilliant careers in the entertainment industry. It is a film that reflects the spirit and culture of its time, while also offering a timeless message of female empowerment and friendship.

If you are looking for a fun and provocative film that will make you laugh, cry, and think, then Superbiester 1982 15 is the film for you. You can watch it online or order it on DVD or Blu-ray from various sources. You will not regret it!


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