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Simply POS is a multi-language POS applications that helps small and medium sized businesses to manage their point-of-sale, inventory, orders, and customers effectively.
Point-of-sale – manage and organize your entire purchasing process from the time you place your order to the time you get paid.
Simple eCommerce- Add product to the store, monitor inventory and sales history.
Email Management – send your customers information about new inventory, promotions or special offers
Reporting – export sales statistics to a CSV or PDF file
Let’s go ahead and take a look at all the features of Simply POS.
1) Start your point-of-sale right now.
Simply POS is an easy to use Point-of-Sale application that has the capability to manage, organize, and operate your business effortlessly in a flash.
Simply POS will do much more than just take your cash register and make you money. It will help you to grow your business.
Simply POS takes away the stress of daily admin and saves you time from data entry.
2) Create a unique look for your business.
Simply POS helps you to design a unique and stylish look for your business.
You get to choose from dozens of themes, then modify and personalize your theme to fit your liking.
3) Protect your business.
Simply POS ensures that your business’ details are never shared with anyone else. Simply POS ensures that no other application should ever access your database.
All of the application’s features are stored on a secured, isolated and encrypted database. So no one will ever be able to read your information or access your data. Simply POS is compliant with GDPR and the PCI compliance standard.
4) Design your POS in simple steps.
Simply POS is straightforward. It takes you to a step by step guide where you can learn the basics of designing your POS.
5) Keep track of everything with easy-to-read charts.
Simply POS offers you with a wealth of charts, graphs and tables to help you keep track of everything effortlessly.
6) Publish to Apples’ App Store.
Simply POS is open to deployment on the App Store, the Google Playstore and various other similar stores for free.
Simply POS comes ready with pre-designed screens that have been made with simplicity and ease of use in mind.
Simply POS is made keeping in mind about all the different hardware available on our devices and best-

Simply POS Crack With License Code Free Download

Simply POS is a comprehensive and lightweight application that provides users with a simple means of managing and organizing orders and customers.
Simply POS is an ideal solution especially designed for coffee shops, fast food restaurants and fish & chips shops.
With the help of Simply POS you have the possibility to promote your brand and business, add promotions, send information to your point-of-sale orders and get real-time reports.
Simply POS Features:
It is a system designed to enhance the operations of any restaurant, shop, bar, kiosk, restaurant chain and any organisation that deals with point-of-sale systems.
With the help of Simply POS you have the possibility to:
• Promote your business and brand
• Add promotions
• Receive and send messages
• Make reports
• Get in touch with clients
• Get a guest list
• Get ordered items
• Get sales information
• Get menus
• Get happy hour information
• Get information about the details of the sale
Simply POS Requirements:
To begin using Simply POS, you must:
• Buy the software from a selected developer, in the list or by direct payment on
• Install and configure the Simply POS software
• Run the software
• Adapt the software to suit your needs
• Have the necessary skills to enter and carry out a successful installation and configuration of the Simply POS software
• Have an Internet connection
Simply POS Installation:
First, you will need to get the Simply POS installation file.
You can download it from the website and you can get the installation file manually.
Alternatively, if you have an FTP connection to your server, you can download the file from your server directly.
You can use any FTP client to connect to your server.
If you have a Linux server or a Windows server, you can use an FTP client that is ready to work with Linux servers or Windows servers.
If you have a Mac server, you can use an FTP client from a Mac os.
If you don’t have an FTP connection, you can obtain a version for DVD, CD, CD-RW.
Finally, to install Simply POS, you need to burn the installer file to a DVD or burn the Installer.exe file to a CD or CD-RW.
After installing Simply POS, you need to launch the application and select ‘Install”.
Simply POS Installation Details:

Simply POS Crack Activation Key Download

– Account Types:
– 10.000 Vat Pre-configured Vat Pricing options
– Hundreds of in-app free themes
– Multiple countries, currencies, languages, holidays
– Dozens of payment options
– Built-in shopping cart system
– Thousands of orders, estimates, listings, coupons and more
– All the key information displayed in one screen
– It has a great integration with social media & networks
– Any credit card accepted
– Updated security standards and stability
– Support multiple languages, currencies, holidays and timezones
– Integrate Google maps, google calendar, Google search and much more
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Select a category of products to see our top selling products (currently selected categories: Coffee, Pastry, Chocolate, Snack and Soda). No need to register.
Select a product in the list to see information about it (currently selected product: “Coffee, Espresso & Latte”):
– Product description
– Packaging
– Product picture
– Add to shopping cart
– Purchase with the most convenient ways
View Details

Shopkeeper is an app dedicated to ecommerce, for a better experience.
With Shopkeeper you can manage your whole store from your mobile: orders, manage the payment gateway, the store configuration, the mailer and the security. With Shopkeeper, you’ll be able to manage each step of your store from your mobile, thanks to an optimized interface and a very powerful REST API.
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#AppLift is a augmented reality app built for coffee shops and bars that allows customers to choose their favorite style of coffee from an infinite list of coffee.
Customers scan the barcode of the liquid they want and the app will provide them with the list of coffee and roasting style that best match their tastes.
With #AppLift you can:
– Know your customers and make suggestions
– Win over new clients
– Make custom filters to get your customers to your coffee
– Redirect them towards your best roasting and coffee
– Drive sales and increase turnover
– Increase productivity and customer satisfaction
– Make money
The list of coffee drinkers in the UK grew from 14M to 29M in the last 5 years, and is expected to grow to 50M in the next 5 years.
At the same time, coffee shops are losing over 2M customers a year, mainly due to the fact that customers see other ways to have a coffee that are cheaper or faster.

What’s New in the?

Simply POS is a highly customizable Point of Sale application which easily adapts to the needs of any business.
You can offer your customers credit payments through a hyper-secure checkout which has three modes of security:
* Secure Mode = Basic security and allows secure credit card transactions
* Enhanced Mode = Increased security and add more options for secure credit card transactions
* Pro Mode = The most advanced security level with multiple money sign and special characters for stronger credit card security
Simply POS is created using a clean modern interface that makes the application incredibly simple and easy to use.
With Simply POS, you can easily take care of all your customer transactions: set budgets, set commissions for different salespeople, send letters to your clients, add orders to favorites, create reports and set prices.
Simple POS allows you to easily offer discounts for bulk purchases, and offers other enhancements like the ability to print receipts on demand and automatically record changes to the Point of Sale.
Simply POS – customers go from the menu to the cashier, and from the cashier to the POS desk, where the summary is printed as a receipt, and provides a summary of the sale to the customer.
A receipt for each customer is printed, with all the data entered by the cashier, and can be printed in different colors.
The company is a great solution for people with little to no technical experience. Simply POS is a point-of-sale solution that is very light and does not require high-end computers or expensive software.
Simply POS:
* Easily track orders, clients, payments, cashiers, commissions and salespeople
* Highly customizable and multi-lingual application
* Designed to be a simple solution for people without knowledge of coding
* Send emails to clients and customers
* Send notices to your clients, e.g. promotions
* Open an application with the scanner directly at the POS desk
* Smart, automatic options to print receipts on demand
* Intelligent budget tracking
* Statistics for your business
Simply POS is fast and easy to install, with no technical knowledge needed to set it up.
Simply POS is easy to use and can be customized to fit the needs of your business.
Simply POS has a powerful library of features:
* Customers and their orders
* Cashiers and their passwords
* Orders to be fulfilled
* Commissions to be awarded
* Reports
* Printer and scanner
Simply POS is designed for those companies without an IT department or without the time to keep their computers updated

System Requirements:

• Windows OS version: XP SP2 or later
• Recommended: Intel processor with 6 GB RAM
• DirectX: Version 9.0c
• OS support: English
• Hard Disk space: 2 GB of free disk space
• Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
• Additional: Controller Keyboard & Mouse
• Gamepad: Standard gamepad (a joystick will not be supported)
Additional Notes:
• DRM protected games will not be able to be played
• The

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