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Multiecuscan License Key 89

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Multiecuscan License Key 89


Jul 21, 2018
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Multiecuscan License Key 89

Developer’s response to these two questions:

I am the developer of the product, i used free copy of the product that i found in GOOGLE.
No my product and other product call Multiecuscan and have same format. But Multiecuscan have 2 or more feature that my product don’t have, for example CHALLENGES MENU, CHALLENGES MODE or similar functions.
Multiecuscan was released 3 years ago.

I’m interested to know if these questions are right.


Nobody mentioned the major problem: your license key and my license key are different. This means that you cannot use my crack.
I assume you know this, but if you do not, you should run the program and read the license agreement.


c++11 extern template class

I want to have a c++11 “hello world” program of my own.
I tried making a static method for a c++11 template class.
This is my code:

using namespace std;

extern template class Basic {
static void hello(){ cout ::hello();

The problem is, i get a multiple definition error, because there is a second definition of the Basic template class.
Is there any other way of solving this, like in Java for instance?


This code compiles fine with g++ 4.7.2 (and clang 3.1.1). Probably you need to recompile g++ or clang.
Template statics can only be defined in the header file that defines the template, and they must be defined inline; extern template is not a valid keyword.
class Basic {
static void hello(){
cout ::hello();


Sep 5, 2015
Installed on a Windows 10, Multiecuscan licensed with .
Have some similar cases in my Dell Studio XPS L501X (Windows 10).
Here is my Dell Studio XPS L501X :

I had the same problem.
I installed Multiecuscan with product Key 1204388-99-64-60-64.
In my factory default screen of Multiecuscan doesn’t register any type of vehicles, that is to say, no truck, no car, no motorcycle and no bike.
But a “bug” registered on the window where it says “Model” it shows: 2000 BMW, even without license (only BSZ in my case)
I bought it again from another seller then I register this one directly in Multiecuscan.
I installed (like usual) the CD with the software.
In the first window I choose the type of vehicle to be registered:

Multiecuscan shows me:

I connect the cable in the port again and I generate again the report.

Multiecuscan says:

And the last problem is that BSZ is not stored in the central database.
Only the model is stored.
I don’t know why.
When I generated the report again BSZ is recorded.
I think that there is a problem because the software has not worked well.

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