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The ruling in Miller v. Alabama said that if a child was under the age of 15 and convicted of a murder-for-hire, prosecutors could not seek the death penalty, but they could seek life in prison without parole. The court called that type of sentence a “harsh and irreversible sentence for a juvenile nonhomicide offender” who “exaggerates the resemblance between juvenile and adult offenders.” The ruling was aimed at Alabama, which had been the only state to impose the harshest sentence on a juvenile, life without parole, for a murder-for-hire.

The justices have not been able to agree on how a child should be punished for committing murder as an adult. They have held different lines on what exactly should happen to a child convicted of murder as an adult, and therefore the ruling applies nationwide. Some judges have imposed sentences more lenient than mandatory life in prison without parole, and others have imposed no time at all.

The court justices have been at odds over the question, though. Federal courts, including the Supreme Court, have ruled that life without parole is unconstitutional for certain minors. The exact holding of the Miller v. Alabama decision is that the mandatory death penalty is unconstitutional for juveniles convicted of murder. The court did not decide the same for other juveniles convicted of murder.

The justices have taken a more general line on the kinds of crimes the court should consider when deciding whether a minor convicted of murder should be put to death. Miller said only one kind of murder-for-hire should be singled out for the harshest punishment, and that was the kind of contract killing for which life in prison without parole is the most appropriate punishment. Prosecutors have argued that a contract killing is more heinous than other murders and that a sentence of life in prison without parole is a “fitting response” to those kinds of acts.

Also, the truth was about the fact that he had a soft side and that he had suffered a lot at a young age. The directors made sure to celebrate Payne’s soft side by including scenes of Payne’s inspirational home life and family. It shows Payne’s childhood years with his mother, Anita, and father, Carl, at the family home. His older brother, Dan, is already a police officer while his younger brother, Mike, works as a chef. Payne is close to his younger brother and they both love to play in the water. His father died when Payne was younger.
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