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FonePaw DoTrans Crack Download [Latest 2022]









FonePaw DoTrans 1.5.0 Crack+ [Updated]

FonePaw DoTrans Product Key is a simple and intuitive mobile device recovery tool. It is able to scan and transfer all your iPhone data to your computer for backup and management, which saves your valuable time. The application features a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily find the desired data.
Overview of FonePaw DoTrans:
Once your iPhone is connected to the PC via cable, the program instantly detects it and starts the process of scanning for lost or deleted data. It is able to retrieve all your data and present it on the PC. You can view it on your desktop or laptop, or just export them in any application format that you want. With FonePaw DoTrans, you can transfer lost contacts, videos, music, voice memos, ringtones, photos and much more between your iOS device and computer. It supports all types of mobile devices.
Scan and preview the contents of your iPhone:
FonePaw DoTrans can scan the entire contents of your iPhone and iPad, preview each file for deleting or transferring. It also allows you to transfer media files in any format, like video, music, and images. Once the files are transferred, you can further edit them and make it ready for other devices. It is a very easy and quick method to recover and restore files from iOS devices.
The team of talented developers has been working on this software for a long time, and they also offer a 60-day money back guarantee. Download FonePaw DoTrans and start your mobile data transfer from your iPhone to computer.
The application also features a built-in App Finder that lets you download any available apps that are compatible with the Windows.
Key Features of FonePaw DoTrans:
FonePaw DoTrans is capable of transferring your iPhone data to your computer. It can also support all types of iOS devices.
It supports all Windows OS versions.
It can scan and transfer media files.
It is able to scan and transfer all files in any format.
It can delete or recover lost data.
FonePaw DoTrans Pricing:
The price of FonePaw DoTrans is free and does not require an active subscription. You can download and use it anytime you want. However, please note that the full version is $39.
FonePaw DoTrans Support:
The team of developers offers complete customer support through email and phone. They are available 24/7 to assist you with any technical issues. If you

FonePaw DoTrans 1.5.0 Download

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FonePaw DoTrans 1.5.0 X64

Download FREE Pro version of FonePaw DoTrans.
This app works great on iOS 6 and above.
FonePaw DoTrans helps you to transfer and backup your entire data (IMG, Audio, Video, Documents, Multimedia, Camera Roll etc.) from iOS device to PC and vice versa. So you can easily send/receive your important photos, videos, audio files to/from your family/friends.
* Create backups for your device
* Easy to use and simple to use
* Generate codes to unlock and install applications
* Export to PC for free
* Synchronize Photos, Music, Videos, Voice Memos, App
* Export to iCloud for free
* Export to iCloud Drive for free
* Sync iPhone, iPad, iPod touch to PC and vice versa
* Export to Google Drive for free
* Export to DropBox for free
* Export to Box for free
* Export to OneDrive for free
You can copy/receive/transfer the data from one device to another device or from one device to PC via iTunes.
1. Transfer Files
* Export to PC for free
* Synchronize iPhone, iPad, iPod touch to PC and vice versa
* Export to iCloud for free
* Export to iCloud Drive for free
* Export to Google Drive for free
* Export to DropBox for free
* Export to Box for free
* Export to OneDrive for free
* Export to ZIP
* Export to RAR
* Export to ISO
* Move Photos / Video / Voice Memos / App
* Move App to SD card
* Move App to iMessage
* Move App to iTunes / AppStore
* Move App to Photo Album
* Move App to Junk folder
* Move App to Trash
* Move Audio to SD card
* Move Audio to iTunes
* Move Audio to iMessage
* Move Audio to iPod
* Move Audio to Music
* Move Audio to Photo Album
* Move Audio to Trash
* Move Audio to Voicemail
* Move Camera Roll to SD card
* Move Camera Roll to iTunes
* Move Camera Roll to iMessage
* Move Camera Roll to iPod
* Move Camera Roll to Music
* Move Camera Roll to Photo Album
* Move Camera Roll to Trash
* Move Documents to SD card
* Move Documents to iTunes
* Move Documents to iMessage

What’s New in the FonePaw DoTrans?

Using FonePaw DoTrans iPhone file transfer software can help you transfer files and files from your iPhone to PC, Windows and Mac. It is simple, safe and powerful. You can recover deleted files and photos from iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch and Apple TV.

Summary: FonePaw DoTrans – Transfer files from iOS devices quickly and easily. Transfer all or selected photos, video, music and documents from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV and iPad mini. It is a powerful data recovery software to retrieve deleted files from your iOS devices or transfer photos, music and videos from iOS devices to computer or Windows/Mac.

How to transfer iPhone files from iOS devices to Windows or Mac.

Install FonePaw DoTrans iPhone file transfer software to transfer files and files from iPhone to PC and Mac. This tool will help you transfer photos, videos, music and other files from iPhone to Windows PC or Mac. If you have lost data from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple TV, you can use the FonePaw DoTrans tool to recover data on it and the iOS device to the Windows or Mac.

Transfer files from iPhone to PC or Mac – FonePaw DoTrans guide

Most of the people want to retrieve their lost or deleted data from the iOS devices, iPad, iPod touch, iPhone and Apple TV. They can use the FonePaw DoTrans iPhone file transfer software to backup or recover all files from the device. Using this tool, the files can be transferred to the computer or Mac.

When the FonePaw DoTrans iPhone file transfer software is installed, it connects to the device automatically and prompts you to identify the device. You can see all iOS devices on your PC or Mac. You can select and transfer files from your iOS device to the Windows or Mac easily and quickly. The FonePaw DoTrans tool helps you transfer the files to the computer or Mac quickly and easily.

Transfer photos from iPhone to PC with FonePaw DoTrans software

FonePaw DoTrans iPhone file transfer software can also help you transfer the photos from iPhone or iPad to computer or Mac. You can transfer the photos from iPhone to Mac or PC using the FonePaw DoTrans tool easily and quickly. To use this tool, it only requires few steps.

Firstly, install FonePaw DoTrans iPhone file transfer software to your Windows or Mac and launch it. Then, you need to log in the device and click the drop-down list, select the iOS device. After that, you can select the files and folders to be transferred and preview them in details.

Transfer all or selected photo, video, music and document files from iPhone to Mac or PC

You can transfer photos, music, videos and document files from iPhone to Windows or Mac. The tool lets you select all or selected

System Requirements For FonePaw DoTrans:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor: 1.6 GHz
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 40 GB available space
DirectX: DirectX 8.0 or higher
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound Card: DirectX 7.1 compatible sound card
Additional Notes: DX10 Compatible, Game will be Widescreen compatible if you use your TV to play on.
OS: Windows 7, Windows 8
Processor: 2.0 GHz

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