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Escape The Fate Ungrateful Album Torrent Connerie Musik Karel [VERIFIED]













Escape The Fate Ungrateful Album Torrent Connerie Musik Karel


escape the fate ungrateful album connerie musik karel’s gebt
The album’s second half of the musical stories have moved farther in the universe of Vorbis and Talensleitner—the two are the driving forces—but they remain in the very core of the Vorpis’ sound and choices. Linda Hartmann (piano, vocals), Eva Salzmann (vocals and percussion), Hans von Roppelstil (trombone) and Sebastian Vulkant-Gorn (soprano) all finish with longing and passion in their voice and piano chords. Jeremy Kaplan (bass) and his students are mainly interested in the lyrics as well as their less-than-well-known but impressive works such as a cover of S. Baccarat’s Carmen Jean.
“Were to be listened to in the 1980s this album would have had a different status,” says Pritchard. “It’s perfect for musicians and composers who don’t have access to piano concertos, but are desperate for something in their reserve of imagery.”
cutting edge
Tamas Ivanetti’s Connerie Musik Karel’s Gebt (2012) arguably captures the musical sensibilities of Karelin’s music the moment it is made, but it does so with a much more gracious level of intention and depth than the earlier live-action or documentary works. Kareli’s “Gebt” is certainly the most varied in the Vigitron/Talensleistner series, but as refreshing as it is, it spends a great deal of time on the music—which is by then quite familiar and simple—while focusing on the performances and scoring , alternating between rapid-fire pedal-claps, gestures and lyrical tones.
Karelin utilizes Vigotone and Grammaton both via programmable touch interfaces to record or record and edit imagery, rather than one- or two-dimensional notation as in the last work



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