Download Prince Of Persia 3d Game Free Full Version |LINK| - Печатный знак

Download Prince Of Persia 3d Game Free Full Version |LINK|

Download Prince Of Persia 3d Game Free Full Version |LINK|

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Download Prince Of Persia 3d Game Free Full Version

they did include some of the more oriental ideas from the 2d games, such as a large number of disguises, which are pretty useless because you can only assume so many characters in any one moment. the prince also has the ability to cling to most surfaces. that will come in handy if you want to find that last secret area.

still, it doesnt feel like an entirely new game, so much as like a very polished version of the old 2d games. in the main story mode, the prince will have to fight his way through 10 levels, and although most of them are pretty good, they all consist of a lot of the same blocks, items, and traps, and theyre all the same length, too.

only the first level has some novelty, in that the prince is forced to get down on his belly to get through a huge pit that feels like a big swimming pool. the 2d games were never lacking in imaginative traps like that, but the 3d ones can never be more than loosely inspired by them. the highlight is a platforming sequence where the prince attempts to ride a giant dragon head down a series of winding ramps. what a thrill! but on second thought, thatd be a terrible idea. be glad you didnt get to try it.

the difficulty ramps up a bit later, when the prince is forced to fight a giant robot that is even more mechanically complex than the later levels. the good news is that after a short mini-game, you just go through a door and the combat is over.

theres also a great variety of traps. there are some 2d platforming sections, some parts where you need to keep the prince away from the walls, and some areas where you need to get him to a specific spot in a hurry. there are also a few areas where you have to play a mini-game to find the correct sequence of jumps.


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