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Disable USB Write Access Crack Keygen Full Version Free Download

Disable USB Write Access is not an application in the classical manner. In fact, it consists of two registry rules that will allow any user to deactivate USB write access to all the ports on a machine. The opposite process can also be completed by following the same procedure, only changing the used registry key. No matter how you look at the situation, it's way better to deal with registry keys instead of pesky, useless programs.
Once you activate the specific registry key, you'd be tempted to say nothing has changed. Still, if anybody around you will try to grab some of your info or stored files, access will be unlocked. Your privacy is once again restored. That said, the registry files are clearly labeled and as a user, you won't feel the need to ask extra questions. It's pretty clear right from the start.
The addition of a registry key to revert original settings is also another great aspect. Most of the full-fledged apps do not have strong recovery options. As a result, when accidents do happen, you mess up something or somebody else does that for you, recovery would be the best way to go. Although not an app per se, Disable USB Write Access is a helpful tool or set of tools that will help you guard your privacy better than any app ever will.







Disable USB Write Access Crack+ Free [Win/Mac] [April-2022]

DisableUSBWriteAccess.exe is a small program that will allow any user to
reverse the changes applied to the registry in case of a wrong or
malicious activity. It will restore the original settings and allow
the USB write access to normal as if nothing has happened.

What Is Needed To Reverse The Effect:

DisableUSBWriteAccess.exe will need to be run with administrative
rights (or use a command line with elevated rights). In its standard
version, the program only allow any user with control rights on the
target PC to reverse the settings but to completely reinstall the
program would require administrator rights.

If you don’t have administrator rights, you need to follow the steps below:

Explorer the target computer and get to the local machine registry.
Right-click on the registry key to make sure it’s not locked.
Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/GoodIdea/DisableUSBWriteAccess/Disable (for disabled version) or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/GoodIdea/DisableUSBWriteAccess/Enable (for enabled version) if there isn’t any data left in the Disabled key.
DisableUSBWriteAccess.exe will then appear in Windows Explorer.

DisableUSBWriteAccess.exe Information:

DisableUSBWriteAccess.exe is an open source project maintained by GoodIdea.

DisableUSBWriteAccess.com – Open Source Registry Editor

Free, open source utility to create and manage permanent changes to
the Windows Registry.

Is there any way to monitor Delete Key?

There’s a way to monitor what key have been pressed in the next minute.
Your code should select the Delete key and then the press the Backspace key.

As you can see, the process is a pretty straightforward one. It’s easily done and you can experiment with. The procedure will still need to be done, though.


DisableUSBWriteAccess.exe – 32-bit
DisableUSBWriteAccess.exe – 64-bit


DisableUSBWriteAccess.com Documentation

How to Read Registry

How to Read Registry


This question is old and has been answered, so it’s probably not appropriate to re-open it, but I wanted to provide an answer that any programmer can understand.

Disable USB Write Access PC/Windows

Just press Start and the program will show the title of the software, Disable USB Write Access. Press Run. A window will come with a few options for the user.

First, be sure to make a backup of the registry. Click Yes (assuming you have Windows 7, Vista or XP). This will allow you to move your settings back if anything goes wrong. Next, click Apply. A file window would pop up for a few seconds, then Disable USB Write Access program would load. Another wizard window would ask you to select whether you want to permanently activate the Disable USB Write Access app.

Click ‘Yes’. Press Apply. All done! You are good to go! If you’re familiar with the registry, you’ll know what this entails. All the registry points were reset.

Disable USB Write Access has performed flawlessly. Every time I run the program and then run it again, the registry settings are reset. In addition, I also tried the same process with Disable USB Read Access app. As a result, both programs worked exactly the same for me. A reboot has not been required to activate the Disable USB Write Access registry entry either. It’s like the program has performed flawlessly. So, you can rest easy.
If you’re using one of the most common operating systems, you’ll realize how much time you’re saving in the long run.
So what is the total version of Disable USB Write Access? Well, it appears that the final version of this app is version number In addition, the trial version of this program also appears to be the same as well.
So, I tried searching for the Disable USB Write Access version number but the only thing that popped up is this resource on the Internet. In other words, none of the two versions are not found anywhere.

And the situation is pretty much the same with the trial version of the Disable USB Write Access. It’s not even close to the official version. I wonder how someone would create this version.
Why am I talking about these versions? Well, it’s because the official version doesn’t appear to be around in the Internet. I’m almost certain that not one single person in the whole world has the official version of Disable USB Write Access.
But what about the trial version? Well, I’m not so certain if it’s a legitimate program or not. It may not be the real deal. But it will at least help me understand

Disable USB Write Access For Windows

Disable USB Write Access is an option with a set of registry rules. These rules will offer you the exact control over the USB ports, and allow you to prevent access for anybody. If a developer tries to access your information that is only left on your USB ports through USB, you would be protected.
While running, the Registry key and its changes will not be visible to the application itself. You can take advantage of this and turn off USB access without any compatibility issues, and with no risk of not doing so correctly.

Disabling access can be done with the advantage of complete control. Not only is your information protected, but also your privacy is preserved as well. On the contrary, USB Write Access cannot stop the interaction between a device and a computer, but it can disable it. Therefore, many users and developers that are not averse to risk-free connectivity may not accept this as the desired results.

How to Activate:

Step 1. With the help of regedit.exe, you need to explore this path:
Note: For XP users, the path is:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\ResetPermissions
Step 2. Choose a key called “Disable USB Write Access”. Then set the value to 1.
Step 3. Finally, set a new key called “DisableActiveUSB”. Set its value to 1. This will prevent every USB device you have connected to the computer from being active until a USB driver is installed.
Step 4. Restart the computer after making the changes.
How to Deactivate:

Step 1. Follow the process above but change the values to 0.
Step 2. You will now be able to interact with USB devices like you would normally. Simply plug in a USB device and you’ll be able to see the information on the device.

While you follow the process above, you would be able to enjoy this extra security benefits. As such, if you still want to work on a PC or carry out your device in another way, all you need to do is disable USB Write Access.
Both, the registry keys and the Disable USB Write Access app can be accessed for free from their respective sites.
The app provides a step-by-step guide that will give you a quick summary of

What’s New in the?

Disable USB Write Access is a handy utility created by Iervy. The program itself is not big and it is 100% FREE. The app has been uploaded to the Internet on September 9, 2015. It has been ranked 5 by our system. The most important thing is that this app is completely CLEAN, virus free, ad free, stable and without any issues. Unfortunately, you can’t use this app on your desktop computer. You’ll need to log-in on your laptop or smartphone to make the necessary changes.
The app installs itself into ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MEGA.COM\USBWriteBlock’. When enabled, it disables the “DevicePolicy” key, located under
, as well as blocks any access attempts to any USB devices by everybody. The “Disable USB Write Access” key, located under
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MEGA.COM\USBWriteBlock\Disable USB Write Access]
, disables the “DevicePolicy” key. You’ll have to install the program again to revert the changes.
Once the app is installed and activated, it will not let anyone or anything access your USB ports. When you use the app, you should notice that all the USB devices on your system are blocked (unplugged). You can use USB devices without USB Write Access on any other machine.
However, if you’re a new user, then you should definitely test the app. Go to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MEGA.COM\USBWriteBlock key and change the DevicePolicy key. Use the ‘Edit’ function. Then, uncheck the ‘DevicePolicy’ key. For your reference, the DevicePolicy key should look like this:
Disable USB Write Access must be uninstalled to revert the change. The process is simple, as demonstrated in the screenshots below.

Besides USB Write Access, MEGA also made available a newer version of its Secure Database software. This new version offers a lot of useful features. With Secure Database 9, you can easily back up your data. For example, you can easily back up you entire system to a USB drive, which you can access from anywhere

System Requirements For Disable USB Write Access:

Tested on the following Windows systems:
Windows 10
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
It is recommended that you test the app on at least two different operating systems before you purchase it. To ensure you will receive a fully-functional product, we recommend that you test the app on a system that’s at least 10 years newer than the version of Windows you use to do so.
NOTE: The Windows 10 64-bit version of the app does not work with the Windows 10 universal app. A separate version of






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