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Working as a programmer usually requires you to handle large amounts of code and this task might be tedious unless you have reliable tools to help you simplify your work.
One of the third-party software solutions that can prove to be valuable in this situation is Boostnote, a lightweight text editor that allows you to take notes in an efficient manner.
Handy note organizer that comes with a stylish user interface
This lightweight application allows you to take notes and organize them in an easy, convenient way, thus boosting your productivity. It comes with a smooth, stylish interface that encompasses easy to understand functions, thus providing you with high overall accessibility.
Despite its lack of a standard help manual, Boostnote provides you with a handy tutorial that overlays its interface, thus helping you understand its functions better.
Take notes and organize them by folder, color and tags
You can rely on this application if you need an efficient solution for taking and organizing notes on your computer in a convenient, efficient manner. It is possible to create new folders where you can store your content and also color-code it, for better organization.
When generating a new note, you can assign it various tags, according to your preference, so that you can keep track of it easier. Additionally, you can access the dedicated combo box and choose a format that suits your needs best. It is possible to choose from HTML, PHP, CSS, Python, JavaScript and various other ones.
Features support for syntax highlighting
Aside from the functions described above, this application also features support for syntax highlighting. Therefore, you can benefit from this function and take code-related notes efficiently.
As a conclusion, Boostnote is a lightweight application that allows you to take and organize notes in an easy, convenient manner. It comes with a stylish interface, features straightforward functions and comes with a helpful tutorial that overlays its main window, thus allowing you to understand its features better.







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* Straight-forward functions to help you write notes in a fast manner
* Stylish interface that comes with a helpful tutorial that overlays its main window, thus allowing you to understand its functions better
* Quick access to the dedicated combo box to choose a format that suits your needs best
* Support for syntax highlighting.

Boostnote Features:
* Take notes
* Easily organize notes in folders
* Color-code notes so that they are easier to distinguish and distinguish
* Generate different types of notes by assigning different tags to them
* Add notes to a specific folder
* Easily create new folders where you can store your content and also color-code it, for better organization
* Update notes by creating different types of notes, such as code, link and text
* Auto-update notes when new content is added to your folders
* Load notes from a local file
* Generate rich-text notes and HTML tags
* Customize file paths to speed up loading notes
* Remote sync notes
* More advanced features include: Quotes, Preformatted, Alignment, Bold, Italic, Indent and Links.

Boostnote Shortcuts:
* Ctrl + N – New Note
* Ctrl + A – Tabs
* Ctrl + L – Load previous note
* Ctrl + S – Save current note
* Ctrl + D – Save current note
* Ctrl + F – Search notes
* Ctrl + K – Create new folder
* Ctrl + J – Create a link to a note
* Ctrl + L – Toggle tabs
* Ctrl + R – Switch to read-only mode
* Ctrl + N – Open a new tab
* Ctrl + X – Close current tab
* Ctrl + Z – Und

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*Boostnote Full Crack comes with a fine user-interface, which is simple and easy to use.

*Cracked Boostnote With Keygen is generally enough to allow you to take notes on your computer.
*Boostnote Product Key allows you to take notes and organize them in different folders, colors and tags.
*You can create a note by clicking on the ‘+’ icon in Boostnote’s main window.
*Also, you can include code snippets to your notes, using ‘Ctrl+’ and ‘Shift+’ keys on your keyboard.
*You can also include lists, tables, links and images to your notes by clicking on their respective icons.


License: Boostnote is released under MIT license, and available for personal and commercial use.


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Boostnote is a free note taking application developed by AtlasApps that allows you to take notes on your computer and arrange them in various categories.
Boostnote is not affiliated with AtlasApps in any way.
Download Boostnote
Boostnote Downloads
Boostnote(Google Chrome)
Boostnote (Mac App Store)
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What’s New in the Boostnote?

Boostnote is a lightweight text editor designed to simplify notes taking and note organization. It focuses on being lightweight, feature rich and easy to use.
You are given a simple interface with only four buttons: add note, remove note, toggle read/unread mode and view note.
It can store notes into various folders and allow you to assign notes tags and color.
It supports syntax highlighting with multiple different languages.


Since Boostnote is very lightweight, it only requires Windows 2000 and later and an up-to-date browser.

Installation and opening the editor:

Open the zip archive downloaded from the tutorial link, download the Boostnote.exe file and launch it. You will be redirected to a simple interface where you can create notes or view the data stored on your system.


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[Official website](
[Official page on GitHub](

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System Requirements For Boostnote:

Mac: 10.9 or 10.10

Win: Windows 8/8.1/10
Processor: 2.3GHz Intel Core i5 or equivalent
Memory: 8GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 330 or equivalent
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Drive: 2 GB of free space
Internet: Broadband Internet connection
Additional Notes:
– Cracked / Unofficial Version of the Game.
– Cracked the game without loading any modified resources such as cheat tools.

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