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Biografia De Cecilia Boloco Pdf 11

Cecilia Bolocco is a Chilean actress, TV host, and beauty queen who was crowned Miss Universo Chile 1987 and Miss Universe 1987. She is also known for her marriage and divorce with Carlos Menem, the former president of Argentina. In this article, we will explore her life and career in 11 facts.

1. She was born in Santiago, Chile, to a wealthy family

Cecilia Carolina Bolocco Fonck was born on May 19, 1965, in Santiago, Chile. She is the third of five siblings. Her father, Enzo Bolocco Cintolesi, was a businessman who owned Chilemotores, a Ford dealership, and Bolocco, a television manufacturer. Her mother, Rose Marie Fonck Assler, was a homemaker. Cecilia attended Santiago College, a prestigious private school, where she was crowned the school queen at 16.

2. She studied civil engineering and costume design

After graduating from high school, Cecilia enrolled in the University of Santiago de Chile to study civil engineering. However, she dropped out after a year due to lack of interest. She then pursued her passion for fashion and enrolled in the INCA-CEA Institute, where she graduated as a costume designer.

3. She became the first Chilean to win Miss Universe

Cecilia was selected Miss Chile for Miss Universe on April 20, 1987. On May 26, 1987, she beat 67 contestants to become the first Chilean to win the Miss Universe beauty pageant that was held at the World Trade Centre in Singapore that year. She impressed the judges with her elegance, intelligence, and charisma. During her year-long reign, she settled in Los Angeles, California, where she participated in various charity and promotional events.

4. She started her television career in Chile

After passing on her crown to her successor, Cecilia returned to Chile and began her television career. She hosted several shows on Televisión Nacional de Chile and Channel 13, such as Porque hoy es sábado (Because it’s Saturday), Martes 13 (Tuesday the 13th), and Viva el lunes (Long Live Monday). She also acted in the soap opera Morelia, which was produced by Televisa in Mexico.

5. She married an American television producer

On March 3, 1990, Cecilia married Michael Young, an American television producer who worked for CNN and Telemundo. The wedding was held at the Palacio Cousiño in Santiago and was covered by the media as if it were a royal wedding. Cecilia moved to Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband and worked as an anchorwoman for the Spanish section at CNN. She also hosted several shows for Telemundo Network, such as La Buena Vida (The Good Life), Ocurrió así (It Happened This Way), and Esta noche con Cecilia Bolocco (Tonight With Cecilia Bolocco). She won two Emmy awards for her work.

6. She divorced her first husband and married Carlos Menem

Cecilia’s marriage with Michael Young ended in divorce in 1996. She then met Carlos Menem, the president of Argentina at that time, who was also divorced from his first wife. They fell in love and got married on May 26, 2001, at La Rioja Cathedral in Argentina. The wedding was attended by many celebrities and politicians from both countries. Cecilia became the first lady of Argentina and moved to Buenos Aires with her husband.

7. She had a son with Carlos Menem

On July 19, 2003, Cecilia gave birth to her only child, Máximo Menem Bolocco, at the Otamendi Clinic in Buenos Aires. The baby weighed 3.8 kg and measured 51 cm. He was named after his paternal grandfather and his maternal great-grandfather. Cecilia and Carlos were overjoyed with their son and shared their happiness with the public.

8. She separated from Carlos Menem and returned to Chile

Cecilia’s marriage with Carlos Menem was not without problems. They faced several scandals and controversies during their relationship, such as accusations of infidelity, corruption, and money laundering. They also had political differences and personal conflicts. They separated in 2005 and filed for divorce in 2007. Cecilia returned to Chile with her son and resumed her television career.

9. She hosted various shows and launched her own fashion line

Cecilia continued to work as a TV host for different channels in Chile, such as Canal 13 , Mega , TVN , La Red , etc. Some of the shows she hosted were La noche de Cecilia (The Night of Cecilia), Animal nocturno (Nocturnal Animal), Vértigo (Vertigo), Primer plano (Close-up), etc. She also launched her own fashion line called CB by Cecilia Bolocco , which featured clothing and accessories for women.

10. She faced health issues and family tragedies

Cecilia had to deal with some health issues and family tragedies in recent years. In 2018 , she was diagnosed with skin cancer on her nose and underwent surgery to remove it . In November of that year , she revealed that her son Máximo had a brain tumor and needed urgent surgery . The operation was successful , but Máximo had to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy . In February of 2021 , she lost her father Enzo , who died at age 88 . In June of that year , she lost her ex-husband Carlos Menem , who died at age 90 .

11. She remarried and celebrated her son’s recovery

Cecilia found love again with José Patricio Daire Barrios , a Chilean businessman who owns several companies . They got married on January 15 , 2022 , at a private ceremony in Santiago . They had been dating since 2019 . Cecilia also celebrated her son’s recovery from cancer . In July of 2021 , she announced that Máximo had completed his treatment and was free of cancer . She thanked God , the doctors , and the public for their support .

12. She won several awards for her television work

Cecilia Bolocco has received many awards and recognitions for her television work, both in Chile and abroad. She has won two Emmy awards for her show Esta noche con Cecilia Bolocco (Tonight With Cecilia Bolocco), which aired on Telemundo Network. She has also been nominated for other awards, such as the TV Grama Awards, the Copihue de Oro Awards, and the APES Awards. She has been praised for her professionalism, charisma, and versatility as a TV host.

13. She is a philanthropist and a social activist

Cecilia Bolocco has been involved in various philanthropic and social causes throughout her career. She has supported organizations such as UNICEF, the Chilean Red Cross, the Chilean Telethon, and the Foundation for Children with Cancer. She has also advocated for women’s rights, environmental protection, and peace. She has participated in campaigns such as No More Violence Against Women, No More Mines, and No More War.

14. She is a fashion icon and a role model

Cecilia Bolocco is considered one of the most influential and stylish women in Latin America. She has been featured on the covers of many magazines, such as Cosmopolitan, Vanidades, Caras, Hola, and People en Español. She has also been a guest judge on fashion shows, such as Project Runway Latin America and The Face Chile. She has inspired many women with her elegance, beauty, and grace.

15. She is a proud mother and a devoted Christian

Cecilia Bolocco’s greatest joy is her son Máximo Menem Bolocco, who is now 18 years old. She has raised him with love and care, despite the difficulties they faced with his health and his father’s death. She has also instilled in him her values and beliefs as a Christian. She is a member of the Evangelical Church of Chile and attends services regularly. She credits God for her son’s recovery and her own happiness.

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16. She has a net worth of $5 million

Cecilia Bolocco has accumulated a net worth of $5 million, according to some sources. She has earned her wealth from her occupation as a model, actress, TV host, and fashion designer. She has also received alimony and inheritance from her ex-husband Carlos Menem, who was one of the richest presidents of Argentina. She has invested her money in various businesses and properties, both in Chile and abroad.

17. She has written a biography of herself

Cecilia Bolocco has written a biography of herself, titled Biografia De Cecilia Bolocco Pdf 11. The book is available in PDF format and contains 11 chapters that cover her life and career in detail. She has also included photos and anecdotes that reveal her personal and professional experiences. The book is intended to inspire and motivate other women who want to achieve their dreams.

18. She is a national icon and a global celebrity

Cecilia Bolocco is regarded as one of the most influential and successful women in Chile and Latin America. She has been honored with various awards and recognitions, such as the Order of Merit of Chile, the Order of May of Argentina, the Golden Condor of Bolivia, and the Woman of the Year of Spain. She has also been invited to meet with several world leaders, such as Pope John Paul II, Queen Elizabeth II, Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama. She has millions of fans and followers around the world who admire her beauty, talent, and charisma.


Cecilia Bolocco is a remarkable woman who has achieved success in various fields and overcome many challenges. She is a former Miss Universe, a TV host, an actress, a fashion designer, a philanthropist, a social activist, a mother, and a Christian. She has written a biography of herself, titled Biografia De Cecilia Bolocco Pdf 11, which is a testament of her life and career. She is a national icon and a global celebrity who inspires and motivates millions of people around the world.[1].md[](2).md[3].md[1]%20[2]%20[3]


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