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AutoCAD Full Version Free Download For PC [Latest-2022]

History of AutoCAD

AutoCAD is a registered trademark of Autodesk, Inc. Since 1981, Autodesk has produced CAD software, including technical design software, architectural design software, and manufacturing software. AutoCAD is available for the DOS, MS-DOS, Apple Macintosh, and UNIX platforms. AutoCAD releases have included version numbers between 1 and 10. AutoCAD 2006 was the last major version of AutoCAD that shipped on CD-ROM. It included an entirely new, object-based drawing system. AutoCAD 2009 is the next major version of AutoCAD, and it continues to use the earlier object-based drawing system. AutoCAD 2011 was released in October 2011. In May 2014, Autodesk released AutoCAD 2014, which is the first AutoCAD release to use the new cloud-based cloud model for storage and cloud-based online user access. In 2015, AutoCAD received an update to the cloud model with the release of AutoCAD 2015. This release brings with it a host of new features for the improved cloud model, which is now the default for all new installs of the software, and was also made available as a free upgrade for users who had previously installed AutoCAD 2015 on a PC. AutoCAD 2016 was released in July 2016. AutoCAD 2018 was released in June 2018. AutoCAD 2019 was released in June 2019.


Using a three-dimensional (3D) model in a 2D drawing is an example of what is known as “structure.” These graphics are built as two-dimensional (2D) bitmaps, then assembled on the fly into a three-dimensional (3D) display space. The object-based user interface (UI) of AutoCAD allows users to draw in a 2D view as well as create and manipulate 3D objects using 3D drafting tools.

The new UI for AutoCAD was introduced in AutoCAD 2006. The new UI has a more intuitive user interface, making it easier for users to get their drawings done, and easier for AutoCAD to learn and perform functions. AutoCAD is also cross-platform, which means that you can buy it and it will work on your PC (or Mac), so you can use it from any computer, regardless of operating system (OS).

AutoCAD supports more than 50 file formats. These are the most common file formats for


External information sources
External information sources are external information databases or services that help with design.

External information sources are of great importance in the Autodesk platform and can be accessed through the Autodesk DesignCenter. These are mainly DesignCenter applications, that can be used to store and access information from different information sources such as: web sites, file repositories, manufacturing systems and internet services.

DesignCenter in Autodesk AutoCAD contains a few different areas:

CAD Repository
The CAD Repository is a server-based storage area for any application data.
CAD Library
The CAD Library holds all the data of an application, including the latest copy of external data sources.
The Preferences area allows users to store their design preferences.
Autodesk Exchange
The Autodesk Exchange is a collection of third party Autodesk applications.

External information sources are not integrated in the Autodesk system but their data can be used in the system. This is done in the following way:
The user can import the information, in the form of CAD data, from the external data source.
The user can update the information in the external data source.
The user can export the CAD data to the external data source.

External information sources are commonly CAD Repositories or Autodesk Exchange.

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License Agreement
This license is for non-commercial use only.
If you are using this software for commercial purposes, contact Autodesk and you will receive a
license agreement that is specific to your business.

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Explore your drawing’s geometry (constraints, breaklines, extents, and dimensions) and data (catalogs, part lists, and more) without having to open or even load the drawing. Look up and interact with data in real time by typing while you work. Data that’s in AutoCAD already is available with a few mouse clicks (also see Markup Assist video).

Enhanced and automatic versioning of drawings. Create AutoLISP code to version your drawings, and track their history with version control. Keep track of AutoCAD drawings, as well as 3rd party drawings from model makers, and automatically manage versioning and comments with comments for your drawings. (video: 3:07 min.)

AutoLISP scripting support. Make it easier to automate your AutoCAD drawings with AutoLISP scripts. A built-in.NET scripting engine lets you write AutoLISP scripts to automate or interact with your AutoCAD drawings. (video: 2:07 min.)

Support for industry-standard, open source file formats. Easily import and export existing files, including Pro/ENGINEER and IGES formats. Easily and quickly download, open, and convert CAD formats from the Autodesk 360 cloud. (video: 1:23 min.)

Leverage the network of cloud assets to create and deploy the best, most complete AutoCAD experience. Cloud-enabled features work with or without the Autodesk cloud to create, open, and distribute AutoCAD models, drawings, annotations, and other files. (video: 2:36 min.)

Job features:

Increase your design productivity with new features that help you schedule and track your projects, as well as speed up the design review and approval process. You can also personalize your design process by creating customizable templates. And with quicker rendering, you can share your designs more quickly and efficiently.

Create and interact with more CAD models and drawings with new native support for Pro/ENGINEER® models, as well as Google models, and new native support for files created in previous versions of AutoCAD.

Improve workflows with new connected mobile apps for iOS and Android. Simplify your workflow with new mobile tools for:

Easily design and create apps on the go.

Add and sync your designs with existing and new cloud-based files.

Review and manage your AutoCAD

System Requirements:

• Windows XP (32bit)
• Windows Vista (32bit)
• Windows 7 (32bit)
• Windows 8
• Minimum 1.5 G Ram
• Minimum 500 GB Harddrive
• DirectX 10 with Shader Model 4.0
• Optional:
• NVIDIA Geforce Geforce GTX 260 or better (Driver version 271.25 or better)
• AMD Radeon HD 2900 or better (Driver version 10.4 or better)
• Internet Explorer 10 or better

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