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Syntheway Strings VSTi Crack Torrent Free Download

Syntheway Strings VSTi is a ssoftware based on virtual instrument for Windows VST hosts.
Several samples are optimized with a Sample Playback and DSP engine, combining a beautifully rich-sounding Strings.
Syntheway Strings have the ability to produce beautiful and lyrical lines, as well as powerful and forceful articulations.







Syntheway Strings VSTi Crack + Free Download [32|64bit]

– Complete strings library
– DSP engine for string thickening and modulation
– Differentiation and Mix functions
– Range curve and level control
– Automated hardware and sample delay control
– Unlimited number of individual strings
– Sampling rate 64, 48, 32, 24, and 22.5kHz and dynamic / free operation
– VSTi format for Windows and Mac host applications.

Key Features of Syntheway Strings VSTi:
* 9 strings: d, e, g, a, d’, g’, g#, a#, e#
* Differentiation between individual strings
* Vocal harmony: bass, treble and midrange
* Multiple recording levels for each string
* Automatic volume control
* DSP modulation effect
* Automatic loop detection and loop end detection
* Normalized phase (linked equalization)
* Different delay amount for each string
* Sample-A-Controller function (pitch to note / efx function)
* VSTi format for Windows and Mac host applications
* Sample player (cannot be heard unless the Syntheway Strings VSTi is selected)
* Total of 16 channels
* Undo / History support (10 steps)
* Customizable macro editor.
* 10 built-in sampler patterns
* 11 factory presets
* 9 fully compatible effect chains
* 15 built-in effects
* 8 unique multi-effects
* 6 general effects
* 4 auto-effects
* 31 factory presets
* 38 built-in pattern-programs
* 18 fully compatible pattern-programs

Syntheway Strings VSTi Free Download

Download Syntheway Strings VSTi(Download Patched).

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Syntheway Strings VSTi Crack + Torrent (Activation Code)

Syntheway Strings VST is a virtual instrument plug-in for Windows VST.
It has two pre-amps, and three sound engines:
– Mono Sample Engine with sample playback (stereo sample, 44,1 KHz/32 bit), sample load – play, rate, pitch adjustment,…
– Mono Filter Engine with Bass, Mid-range and High-frequency filters with resonance (8, 13, and 20dB; -4, -8, -12dB; -8, -12, -16dB;…
– Mono DSP Engine with a notch filter, bass, high, mid and high EQ (Low/High/Peak), filter – resonance, bandpass filter,…
– LFO engine, Ring modulator, delay, stereo output
These engines work independently or in unison.
Mono Filter Engine :
– 11 Bass filters
– 13 Mid-range filters
– 16 High frequency filters
– 11 Bass, 13 Mid-range and 16 High filters in unison
Mono DSP Engine :
– Neck filter
– 6.5dB Bass cut filter
– 6.5dB Mid cut filter
– 6.5dB High cut filter
– 8 dB High cut filter
– High/Low EQ
– Bandpass filter
– 5dB High Cut
– 10dB Low cut
– 3 LFOs, all with 3 waveforms (saw, triangle, and noise)
– Rate LFO: Amount of LFO in percent
– Pitch LFO: Amount of LFO in semitones
Syntheway Strings is really easy to use and does not require any training or playing technique, you just have to load a sample.
If you are looking for a virtual instrument for acoustic guitar, you will enjoy the realistic line for soloing and for cajon, bass harmonics, tom sounds.
To really benefit from this instrument, Syntheway Strings VSTi Serial Key is ideal for all sorts of creative uses:
– Heavy metal guitar: Use it as mono instrument with one or two layers, its filters are really powerful and will cut your metal sounds.
– Bass guitar: Use it with a sample or MIDI file to play with the added performance of synthesized instruments.
– Rock, funk, 90’s: You can use it for instrument loops or for soloing with the incredible variety of strings and resonances.
– Popular Folk songs: Harm

Syntheway Strings VSTi Product Key Full

With Syntheway Strings VSTi you will be able to produce strings with a deep and rich, harmonic or massive sound.
This VSTi software has a Sample Playback and DSP engine (2048 buffer). This engine is used to process the samples used, and can also be used as a dedicated synthesizer DSP engine if the host runs out of buffer space, or to use the engine in conjunction with other VSTi software.
The last is the most effective way, as it allows an easier integration in a huge amount of other VST plugins.  
Even if you are not looking for live strings as your main focus, this software will add a powerfull impact to your project.

Syntheway Strings VSTi is a software designed to be used as an add-on to other DSP instruments, or as a standalone synthesizer. The engine does not generate the sound to produce a sound like a classical instrument, it’s more of a recording process: an Arp or some Chimes, but in an Electronic way.
If you’re looking for those samples and musical textures we found for this software, you can download them for free on

Full Version SynthRacks are Copyright (c) 2016 Steffen Schweer (SynthRacks)

GPL Version SynthRacks are Copyright (c) 2016 Steffen Schweer (SynthRacks)

Syntheway Strings VSTi is Copyright (c) 2016 Steffen Schweer (SynthRacks)

Syntheway Strings VSTi Free Edition is Copyright (c) 2016 Steffen Schweer (SynthRacks)

Syntheway Strings is Copyright (c) 2016 Steffen Schweer (SynthRacks)

All sounds licensed under Creative Commons, Attribution-Noncommercial 4.0 International

Syntheway Strings VSTi is only compatible with Windows 10.

1. Install the software by visiting
2. Launch the software

Sample Playback
We have added a sample playback engine to Syntheway Strings, so you can have control over the samples.

You can use the samples without limitation, as long as you use the samples for

What’s New in the?

Syntheway Strings VSTi is a software based on virtual instrument for Windows VST hosts.
It allows you to play, control and edit the sound of many string instruments.
It uses a Sample playback and a DSP engine, combining a beautifully rich-sounding Strings.
Syntheway Strings are available in two versions: a whole orchestra (Songs) and an authentic single string instrument (Piano/Violin and Cello/Violin).
The main features of the Orchestral Collection are available on the Syntheway Strings VSTi:
* the WDM playback, that makes Syntheway Strings a real WDM instrument
* two collections (25 instruments each) of pre-recorded Strings
* the string instrument sound engine (Midi, iMS2, PCM)
* the DSP engine (23 instruments, both Choir and Orchestral)
* the sampling engine (PCM, ADX, WAV)
* the editor (CC and LP)
* the instrument controls (slider, amp, and tone controls)
* the MIDI output (MIDI in and out, this is useful for automatic score playback and MIDI recorder)
* different MIDI controllers: Xyron MIDI-610, Oberheim DMX512, Sennheiser E609, Sennheiser ME70 and more.
Also, Syntheway Strings provide four instrument voices per instrument, a full set of amp models, a user definable oscillator, 2 midi controllers, polyphony and a delay line.
The whole Orchestral Collection is available in several packages in several file formats: an administration package allowing you to manage Strings easily and to synchronize the sample playbacK and the MIDI, a DLS, an UNR, an SDH, an XP, an AU, a VSTi package with the editor and the DSP engine as WDM, a Flexi and a PecosWarp and a SX.
The instrument’s sound engine (midi, ipm2, oms2, pcms, wav, adx, wav) has been tuned and modified in many ways, including:
* the direct modelling of string instruments: violin, viola, cello, double bass, contrabass, double double bass, mandolin, banjo, dulcimer,

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