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P-Encoder Crack Free Download (2022)







P-Encoder Crack+ Free

Cracked P-Encoder With Keygen is an advanced, step-by-step PHP code obfuscator that encrypts your code, including all files in a single directory.
Since there are so many files, you can edit them all in one go, or select subsets of files for edit and password protection.

======P-Encoder Torrent Download is a non-commercial product developed for the sole purpose of boosting the security of your PHP applications.

It uses a complex yet automated encryption technique based on high-performance PHP obfuscation.

It’s specially designed for PHP developers.

===What Can P-Encoder Crack Keygen Do?===
Protecting your PHP applications from unauthorized users
P-Encoder Cracked Version is a non-commercial product for boosting the security of your PHP applications, with a number of tools designed to accomplish this, yet become light-weight.

Managing your various PHP projects, including recent versions
Cracked P-Encoder With Keygen works with versions 7 and 7.1 of PHP. It also supports 5.2 and 5.3.

Editing the same file multiple times for different purposes
You can edit the same file multiple times – such as for different purposes.
You can specify what type of changes you want P-Encoder Cracked Accounts to make, including line numbers, function names, variable names etc.

Changing multiple PHP files at once
You can specify any number of PHP files and edit them simultaneously.
You can also edit multiple files at once for different purposes.

Protect your PHP applications with a single click
You can use P-Encoder 2022 Crack to protect your files and directories without needing to change your system settings.

Protecting files in a single directory
You can protect your files in a single directory using P-Encoder Crack Free Download’s advanced file protection.

Protecting files/directories across different hosts
You can protect files in any number of directories across different hosts.

Protecting files/directories across different domains
You can protect files/directories across different domains.

Protecting files/directories across different servers
You can protect files/directories across different servers.

Protecting any number of directories with a single password
You can protect any number of directories with a single password.

Protecting all of your PHP applications with a single password
You can protect all of your PHP applications with a single password.

===How Does P-Encoder Work?===
Although P-Encoder is a PHP obfuscator, it

P-Encoder Crack Patch With Serial Key

P-Encoder is a freeware and safe encryption tool that can protect your PHP code and make it immune against reverse engineering. It is a tool that will help you to protect code by cutting it into several pieces. You can protect it by adding new elements to the beginning, middle or end of the code and let it choose for you the best position.

You have to buy license to the Servers or you can use this below Links.
1) Linux
2) Windows
3) Mac
4) iPhone
5) android
You can use this below links for maintain the Servers
1) Softaculous website
2) Hostgator website
3) Godaddy website
1) Support only PHP
2) SHA256 Encoding used
3) You need to purchase for single Server
4) You can use for both personal and business use
5) You can use this for free
6) There is no any restriction on usage of this tool
7) Support multiple version of PHP
8) Can able to understand only PHP and not other languages
9) Support to display PHP codes, HTML codes, CSS/SASS/LESS/Bootstrap/Jquery/JavaScript/Ajax/CSS3/DHTML/Font Code/HTML5
10) Support to upload files
11) Support to create password protect pages
12) Support to change Encryption Key, Password, Comment
13) Support to replace characters in current code
14) All encrypter are free version
Package Contents:
> English & Greetings
> Full documentation
> Where to download and install
> What to do if you have problem
What is new in v2.00.x
1.Optimized codes.
2.Fixed issues
Buying the application is just for the purpose of decoding the codes, please use it at your own risk, we are not responsible for any issue.

Do you want to embed YouTube videos on your site or blog? If yes then this is the right tool for you. It is designed to help you in embedding YouTube videos on your website or blog. All that you need to do is add the iframe code and paste the embed link. It will do the rest for you automatically. This can be used to embed other videos as well.
Supports English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Russian, Hebrew, French,

P-Encoder Free Download

P-Encoder ( is a complete solution for encrypting HTML/PHP/JavaScript/CSS/ASP/ASMX/ASP.NET, based on a two-way encryption and separation of encryption layers of different layers, as well as a complex and convenient user interface.
P-Encoder Features:
– Secure encryption of any file with a timestamp
– Base64, RSA, SHA256, AES, and Bcrypt algorithms
– Up to 128-bit key length
– Autotools library support
– Built-in tools support automatic update and tasks execution
– Browser support
– Standalone mode
– Multi-thread mode
– Two-way encryption
– Limited support of the following combinations: HTML5/PHP/CSS
– Based on a public key encryption (asymmetric key)
– Can work with files, directories, FTP servers, servers and ports
– Can work on both Windows and Unix platforms
– Just one web server is needed (Apache, LiteSpeed, etc.)
– Manages files, directories, multiple accounts, etc.
– Temporary files are cleaned out of the P-Encoder folder after each operation, and the trash bin can be set to manually clean it out at the end of the day or week
– Restore from a backup file
– Can work in standalone mode, or in a clustered mode with support of web servers
– Import and export of keys
– Support of operations with public/private key pairs with different algorithms
– Import of existing config files
– Support of different hash algorithms, such as MD5, SHA256, SHA512, RIPEMD160, SHA512 (with a salt), etc.
– Automatic update support
– Support of two-way encryption and limited support of the following combinations: HTML5/PHP/CSS
– It’s easy to change the encryption algorithm
– Support of operation with public/private key pairs
– Import/export of keys
– Expiration date and time of keys
– Different hash algorithms, such as MD5, SHA256, SHA512, RIPEMD160, SHA512 (with a salt), etc.
– Cleaning of temporary files after each operation
– Support of operations with public/private key pairs
– Support of two-way encryption and limited support of the following combinations: HTML5/PHP/CSS
– Easy to change the encryption algorithm
– Support of operation with

What’s New In P-Encoder?

P-Encoder is a web application which has been designed to make the process of PHP obfuscation a simpler task. Main features include high level support for multiple target files, the elimination of white spaces, the substitution of special characters, removal of numbers, as well as hash generation and verification.
Mobile Apps Testing:
We have found that mobile apps testing requires the specialist testing agencies who can carry out the testing services at the required level for mobile apps testing.


I’m not familiar with P-Encoder. But if you have even a modest familiarity with PHP it’s unlikely that you’d need to even attempt to deciper it.
The reason this is the case is that PHP has very little to protect against the mass-comparison technique. Even if you can find a single character which exists in one place in the code, you can only inspect the source to find that out. If you get any code executed, or ever write a script yourself, that character is going to be executed in lots of places. There is nothing to prevent you from executing the same or similar code in different places.
Maybe it’s because I’ve been into security for so long that I can make sense of this, but the very concepts of code obfuscation are flawed, because they are based on the idea that it makes sense for a hacker to spend an amount of time to decipher the code.
You might as well use encryption – it’s more difficult and there are legitimate good uses for it.
So, I wouldn’t bother.

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System Requirements For P-Encoder:

OS: Windows 10
Windows 10 Processor: 2.4 GHz (Pentium) or faster
2.4 GHz (Pentium) or faster RAM: 1 GB
1 GB Graphics: DirectX 10 compliant video card, 1 GB VRAM
DirectX 10 compliant video card, 1 GB VRAM Hard Disk: 4 GB
4 GB DirectX: Version 11 or higher
Version 11 or higher Game: 1 GB or higher (4 GB with some games)
1 GB or higher (4 GB with some




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