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Kim, Yoonto, Choi, Jae, Kwon, Su-min, Cho, Jung-in, Jung, Hyun-sik, Park, Jae-woo and Jung, Ha-jun (2014)Effects of concave mirror curing on heat transfer from the curing bed and mass flow. In: 2014 17th International Symposium on Materials and Processing for Opto-Electronics (MOPOE), Dublin. 11-14, Sep 2014. Published in: IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology Part A, 41 (5).p. 1006-1012.

Krüger, Stefan, Ignatowski, Stanislaw, Rucker, Claudia and Schwabe, Stefan (2011)Morphological behavior of TiAl+Ni+Cu alloys with different volume fractions of the solid solution Ni3Al. In: 2011 6th International ConferencE on High-Temperature Engineering Materials (HTEC). Oct 18-21, 2011. Munich, SWR Gruppe. Published in: ANMFED – arbeitsgemeinschaft für fachsprachliche und thermodynamische grundlagen der feuerung EFKP. EBUFKP, 32.

Laurence, Tyler (2017)Enpower ENA100405-1: Electronic load flow & simulation. Date: 2017-12-10T08:09Z. Description: Load flow & simulation. Enpower 551897: Enpower ENA100405-1: Electronic load… EBSystem Manager.

Vicente, Angel Giraldo y Cabello De La Cruz, Pedro (2010)Scalable receptor-based methods for machine learning: the SVM technique. IEEE transactions on neural networks and learning systems. Volume 19, Issue 8, pp. 1314-1321.

Ardila, Alberto R. (2010)A 3D general-purpose finite element program for structural and thermal dynamics applications. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 199 (12), pp. 1316-1324.

Gehring, George H. (2010)Design of a distributed classifier system that uses agent cooperation to classify large numbers of patterns and to compete successfully in multi-objective learning environments.



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