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Program Sekolah Selamat.ppt ⭢

Program Sekolah Selamat.ppt: A PowerPoint Presentation for Creating a Safe School Environment

Program Sekolah Selamat (PSS) is a program launched by the Ministry of Education Malaysia to prevent disciplinary problems and ensure the safety of students in schools. The program involves all members of the school community, such as teachers, students, support staff, school administrators, counselors and others. The program aims to create a safe and conducive learning environment for all students.

This article will provide you with a PowerPoint presentation that explains the concept and implementation of PSS. You can use this presentation as a guide or a reference for creating your own PSS program in your school. The presentation will cover the following topics:

  • The objectives and benefits of PSS
  • The roles and responsibilities of the school community in PSS
  • The strategies and activities of PSS
  • The evaluation and monitoring of PSS

The Objectives and Benefits of PSS

The main objectives of PSS are to:

  • Prevent and reduce disciplinary problems among students
  • Protect students from physical, mental and emotional harm
  • Promote positive values and attitudes among students
  • Enhance academic achievement and personal development of students
  • Foster a culture of respect, cooperation and harmony among the school community

Some of the benefits of PSS are:

  • Students will feel safe, happy and motivated to learn
  • Teachers will be able to teach effectively and efficiently
  • Parents will be confident and satisfied with their children’s education
  • School administrators will be able to manage the school smoothly and successfully
  • The school will have a good reputation and image in the society

The Roles and Responsibilities of the School Community in PSS

PSS requires the participation and cooperation of all members of the school community. Each member has a role and a responsibility to contribute to the success of PSS. Some of the roles and responsibilities are:

  • School administrators: They are responsible for planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating PSS in their schools. They also provide leadership, guidance, support and resources for PSS.
  • Teachers: They are responsible for teaching, mentoring, counseling and disciplining their students. They also participate in PSS activities and programs, such as training, orientation, prevention, intervention and crisis management.
  • Students: They are responsible for following the school rules and regulations, respecting themselves and others, reporting any problems or incidents, participating in PSS activities and programs, such as peer counseling, peer mediation, clubs and societies.
  • Support staff: They are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness, safety and security of the school premises. They also assist in PSS activities and programs, such as traffic control, canteen supervision, emergency response.
  • Parents: They are responsible for supporting their children’s education, communicating with the school staff, attending PSS activities and programs, such as parent-teacher meetings, workshops, seminars.
  • Others: They are responsible for collaborating with the school staff, providing expertise, advice or assistance in PSS activities and programs. They include external agencies or organizations, such as police, health officers, fire fighters, counselors.

The Strategies and Activities of PSS

PSS adopts three approaches to prevent and manage disciplinary problems and ensure student safety. They are:

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