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IP2Int Activation Code is a small-sized networking utility that facilitates straightforward options for converting IPv4 addresses (such as  to 32-bit integer values (such as 3232235521). It’s available through the console interface and contains intuitive commands that can be tackled even by those with minimal experience in CLI tools.
Doesn’t require installation
Installing this tool isn’t necessary. It’s portable and packed in a single file, which can be saved anywhere on the disk and even placed on a USB thumb drive to directly run IP2Int Activation Code on any PC without previous setup.
Unlike many installers, it doesn’t add new entries to the system registry or generate extra files on the disk without letting you know about it.
Convert IPv4 addresses into integers
The syntax is IP2int.exe ipaddress [/b] [/? /h], where /? and /h can be entered if you want to view the help section of the application.
It’s only necessary to write IP2int.exe and the IP address you’re trying to convert, then hit Enter and view the output integer value. It can be copied to the Clipboard by selecting it and pressing Enter again.
The /b switch is optional and can be inputted if you want to suppress the banner (copyright information). There are no other notable features provided by this IP converter.
Simple and straightforward IP converter
It had low impact on the computer’s performance, as we expected, and it carried out conversion tasks fast and errorless. Although it hasn’t received updates for a long time, the IP conversion tool worked smoothly on Windows 10 in our tests and we didn’t have to turn to the OS compatibility troubleshooter.
All things considered, IP2Int may not be feature-rich but it offers a fast and simple solution for turning IP addresses with the IPv4 format into integer counterparts. It can be handled with ease by all types of users, even those with limited experience in console and networking tools.


Fast and straightforward

No installation needed

Portable and easy-to-use

Compatible with a wide range of OS and languages


Only one IP conversion

Doesn’t generate as much output as other utilities

Overall, IP2Int is a straightforward and economical networking tool that’s efficient enough to convert IP addresses into integer values. Although there are programs that

IP2Int Crack + Free Registration Code [Mac/Win]

Saves the IP address to a file

Converts IP addresses into integers

Users can even access the help or exit options using the /? and /h switches.

It shows a small view of the console when activated.

Speed: Very fast

Unable to customize

Runs fine on Windows 7 and 10.

Doesn’t require any additional software to run.

Unfortunately, the application is outdated and doesn’t reflect the current state of the Internet. It hasn’t been updated for over 2 years.
As we can see, the application runs smoothly on Windows 10 and we didn’t encounter any issues while using it. However, the icon we received and the display messages we got weren’t exactly what we expected.
This IP converter, for example, didn’t provide any information regarding the program, its functionality and what it could do. It was only necessary to copy it and then paste it into the address bar of any browser to make the conversion work.
On the other hand, it has adequate speed and capability to perform its task. Even its setting and conversion functionality is easy to grasp. Though there are numerous IP converting tools available, this one just stands out because of its simplicity.
IP2Int is a small IP conversion program and it takes a few seconds to convert the IP address it’s given as a parameter. It is packed in a single file which can be saved on USB and then used on any computer without installing anything. It’s ideal for those who don’t have much experience with command-line utilities or don’t want to add a new item to the system registry.
It has a clean interface and it converts IP addresses into integer values without any errors. Its settings and conversion options are easily understandable, as well. In addition, it doesn’t require a license or any permissions and it works fine on Windows 7 and 10.
All in all, IP2Int doesn’t provide the same experience as other common IP converters. It offers a simple way to convert IP addresses using a small, portable and easy-to-handle app. However, it doesn’t provide full functionality and the fact that it hasn’t been updated for over two years means it’s old and outdated.
That being said, it doesn’t require any installation procedure and it’s a pretty good alternative to many other IP converting applications.
Users can direct their attention to the IP2Int executable file and paste the provided IP address into the address bar of any browser to directly convert

IP2Int Crack Patch With Serial Key

We’ve tested the software and it has a clean record, with no bugs or errors we could find.

User Reviews

A trial version of IP2Int has only a basic features – it supports the IPv4 to integer conversion and can save the result to a file. It does not allow changing the IP address, so you can not convert it to IPv6.

Demo Version – 2.0.0

System Requirements

This tool works best on Windows operating systems. It is only Windows compatible. If you use another operating system or OSes, this tool is not suitable.

It works on all languages – English, French, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Turkish, Thai, Filipino, German, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese.

Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera web browsers are supported.


Check your version:

3.0 and higher
3.1 and higher
3.2 and higher

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What’s New in the IP2Int?

This tool is designed to be a simple, lightweight yet powerful IPv4 to 32-bit integer converter. It doesn’t need installation and run directly from the executable file. Just directly input your IP address to the console in the format and hit Enter. It will convert your input to its integer value.
Please note, this tool is not designed for users to convert IP addresses to any other format. It only converts IPv4 addresses to a 32-bit integer format that makes network work easy and simple.
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Category:Utilities for Windows
Category:Data conversion software83 0.77 0.60 0.83 0.75
*F~1~*-value 2.51

System Requirements:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 and Mac OS X
PS3® and Xbox 360®: Minimum 1.5 GHz processor
Minimum 500 MB RAM
Slightly modified resolution settings (for example, 1280×720)
To see a full list of supported settings, visit this page.
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