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Getting to know more about websites can sometimes involve more than just browsing their content for identifying all their aspects. BatchUniqueChecker is a tool that was developed specifically in order to provide users with the means of performing a more in-depth analysis of websites. Thanks to it, one will be able to check multiple websites for differences, uniqueness, and other parameters, in a simple manner.
Multiple website import options offer versatility but the lack of more parameters in the list view could be an issue
The application allows users to add not one, but several websites at a time, and this can be done in multiple ways. Either using the clipboard, importing a text file containing all the URLs, or a similar XML file.
However, having loaded the websites, one will see that the only details that are provided in the list view are, the URL itself, a response code, and a uniqueness factor. This might not be the biggest issue, but it would have been nice to also include other elements.
Preview the process in the detailed log and compare two websites for finding out the differences between them
A detailed log will provide users with an overview of all the steps that are undertaken in the URL verification process. This can be useful, especially when wanting to be able to track errors easier.
One of the highlights of the app is its comparison module, which basically allows users to select any two URLs from the list and visualize their common elements and differences, each highlighted on their corresponding lines.
Easy-going URL checker app that can help you understand a bit more about your preferred websites
This simple software will enable users to learn more about websites, through a uniqueness index, as well as through a dedicated comparison module, which can easily highlight any differences and similarities between two URLs.







BatchUniqueChecker Crack + [Mac/Win]

► BatchUniqueChecker 2022 Crack (Check URL’s at once) Check URL’s (clients, competitors and domain rank) of multiple URLs on the same website (such as the two thumbnail links).

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With this iPhone application, you can easily trace back the information of a group of websites. It provides you with an easy way to track down Web addresses and find your target domains.
This tool will help you to check whether a specific website is new or exists, whether the website name has been changed or not, and whether the domain name is really owned by the current source. All the websites are collected from the database and are all ready to be analyzed.
This iPhone application makes it easy for you to trace back the information of a group of websites. It helps you to find your target domains, whether a specific website is new or exists, whether the website name has been changed or not, and whether the domain name is really owned by the current source. All the websites are collected from the database and are all ready to be analyzed.
★ Easily trace back the information of a group of websites.
★ Find your target websites easily.
★ Quickly find the web servers of a domain.
★ Free updates for all the versions.
★ Standalone application.
★ Supports UTF8 Encoded Passwords
★ Easy to use.

Change anything on any website, fast and easy. No need to purchase and use 3rd party plug-ins.
Key Features Include:
Search, Replace, Add or Remove Text from a variety of HTML elements (Body, Header, Title, Meta etc) On any website.
Update links, graphics, comments, links, and menus on any website.
Display results using any number of search filters (Search by Domain, Search by Meta Keywords, Meta Keywords in Bold, Exclude URLs, Only URLs, Only Links etc).
Search for just text, dates, files, or add search words to find more than just text.

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What is BatchUniqueChecker?
BatchUniqueChecker is a simple URL checker which will take care of the general tasks that you’ve been performing using third-party browser add-ons and other similar applications. You can simply choose multiple URLs at a time, import them one by one, or use the file import option, in order to have more information about the chosen websites.
What BatchUniqueChecker includes?
What would be of your benefit, BatchUniqueChecker includes:
* Multiple URL import options: you can choose to import them either manually using the clipboard or with the help of a text file; or you can choose to drag the websites that you’ve found right into the application
* Detailed log: in order to be sure that all the steps have been carried out and completed successfully, BatchUniqueChecker includes a detailed log. It displays the URLs of the chosen sites in a separate window and it also shows some important details about the websites: things such as their response code, their TTL, the uniqueness factor, etc.
* Other useful option: by clicking on the “Quickly” button, users are given the chance of finding out some more information about the websites through a URL comparison module. The module will allow you to find out more specific information about a website based on the URL you enter.
What you get after downloading BatchUniqueChecker?
After installing the software, you will be guided on how to use it and what are the available options. On the following page, you will be able to customize the main settings of the application, as well as access the application’s manual.
What is new in this version?
BatchUniqueChecker 1.0.1 is more stable and it includes a couple of other features:
* Added the window settings feature: in this case, users can set the “Always on top” option in order to make sure that the application doesn’t disappear, even if the user happens to switch to another window or tab.
* Added the choice of a password to allow users to hide the URL details when choosing the “Quickly” option.
* Fixed various issues caused by several updates

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What’s New in the BatchUniqueChecker?

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