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The first release of AutoCAD was licensed to a single contractor, and that company ran an 80,000-person-sized installation for a year, with additional large deployments following each year. AutoCAD 2.0 introduced a multitude of features, including wireframe and parametric modeling, graphical page layout, 2D vector graphics, dimensional drafting, solid modeling, block printing and sectioning, and many others. AutoCAD 2.0 was the first version of AutoCAD released for Windows. AutoCAD 3.0 was released on December 8, 1989 and saw the introduction of 2D flat file as the primary file format, user-definable master pages, the creation of a 3D command-line environment, programming and customization interfaces, the incorporation of the AutoLISP interpreter, and other new features. AutoCAD 3.5 and AutoCAD 2004 were the first two releases of AutoCAD to support 32-bit software applications. AutoCAD 2005 was the first release of AutoCAD to incorporate a Mac OS X operating system. AutoCAD 2008 was the first version of AutoCAD to be based on the revolutionary.NET framework, which enabled the software to run on Windows XP or later versions.

By 2011, the latest version of AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, is used for desktop design and drafting, technical drafting, manufacturing, office layout, architectural design, engineering, and many other types of drawings, sketches, and designs.

AutoCAD software is available for Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows.

AutoCAD Basic Features

AutoCAD has many features, and users can use them in different ways and to achieve different objectives.

The most basic feature is the ability to draw and edit vector and raster (bitmap) images. All basic functionality is provided for free, but is limited to 32-bit applications and 128MB graphics card (or less).


With the AutoCAD software, users can draw objects on the screen, with the ability to fill, strock, stroke, and outline the shapes. They can also color objects and lay them out in perspective. They can also create vector and raster images from the objects. They can save their work in various file formats, including.DWG,.DWF,.DXF,.DGN,.CDR,.DWL, and.HDR.

The ability to create


The overall structure of a drawing in AutoCAD is, on the most basic level, a hierarchical drawing, in which the entities are organized as a tree of components, with the most simple entities (the “leaf” nodes) located at the lowest level, and the more complex entities (the “branch” nodes) situated on higher levels. This structure enables users to display and edit the drawing in a nested hierarchy, and to navigate through it using a pointer.


AutoCAD was developed to satisfy the need of design engineers at HP to make a new style of drawing. The style was designed to be easily edited in CAD format without the necessity to redraw the entire design. The original version of AutoCAD was called HP Architecture, and the first version was released in 1981. Later version were released in successive years, and the final version was released in 1985 as AutoCAD II.

Autodesk acquired the AutoCAD software in 1999, and since then has released regular updates and new versions for the AutoCAD software. This software is used to make technical drawings for use in the manufacturing of parts. Most of the requirements for the manufacturing process are met by the process of the software, such as work coordination and assembly, dimensioning, and planning. AutoCAD is the most popular technical drafting software, and has been one of the most popular types of CAD software for decades.

The current version of AutoCAD is AutoCAD 2019.


The inception of AutoCAD dates to 1981. Drawing is the core component of AutoCAD. AutoCAD is based on the concept of a three-dimensional drawing, where most of the work, such as drawing, analysis, and design is done on a 3D model.

In 1982, HP released AutoCAD software as the world’s first 3D modeling software. This was the first time that a CAD program was released that allowed users to draw a representation of a 3D model. Since then, several different versions of AutoCAD have been released, with each new version improving on the previous ones. The first version of AutoCAD that was released was AutoCAD 1.0. AutoCAD was designed for the sole purpose of creating CAD drawings. In 1983, the first AutoCAD 1.1 version was released, which was significantly better than the previous versions. AutoCAD 1.1 was the first version of the AutoCAD software that had an animation

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Browse to the zip you downloaded.
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First of all, I don’t like this method of cracking.
But that being said, you can try this:

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// (C) Copyright 2009-2011 Frederic Bron.
// Use, modification and distribution are subject to the Boost Software License,
// Version 1.0. (See accompanying file LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at
// See for most recent version including documentation.


#define BOOST_TT_TRAIT_NAME has_less
#define BOOST_TT_TRAIT_OP ::value && \

What’s New In?

Automatically align imported symbols to your drawing (including imported text, groups, and templates). Inline with your drawings for fast application and robust accuracy.

Collapse/expand your drawings for flexible organization. Get the right level of detail for your task at hand.

Extend Edit mode to simplify drawing editing. Quickly return to Edit mode when you’re done, without closing and reopening the drawing. (video: 1:30 min.)

Experiment with the new editable wire dimension symbol. Includes a new guide icon, so you can quickly align the symbol to any drawing object, and an adjustable arrow head, with unique behavior when you select the symbol.

New command/script: Edit transform. Change the transform of a selected group of lines with a single command.

Print, in a new preview window, on paper, a marked-up drawing. The preview window displays your lines, your editing commands, and a live mark-up of your drawing that guides you in your edits. You can generate a new marked-up drawing, or save a copy in the same format as the one that you’re previewing. (video: 1:15 min.)

Support of the new AutoCAD for Architects, AutoCAD for Engineers, and AutoCAD for Landscape Architects XML schema (XLS) and the XML-related menu commands in AutoCAD

XML Editor (video: 1:27 min.)

Support for 3D functionality and geometry in drawings. Import and display geometry to views and other objects, through 3D tools. Define custom symbol families. Create and view custom groups that contain 3D models, and more. (video: 1:45 min.)

Provide the tools for using your drawings to create other drawings. In addition to drawings you create, you can now easily generate a 3D model, a section cutout, a cadastral map, and more. Create and organize units of measurement. (video: 1:29 min.)

Provide the tools for creating project plan representations. Create multiple plan views and sections, using annotative lines to control the layers and sections. Show multiple layers of information at the same time. (video: 1:29 min.)

Provide the tools for creating “enterprise” projects. Easily collaborate on a project using invitees to view and modify drawings. (video

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

OS: Windows 8 or Windows 7
CPU: Intel® Core™ i5 or later
RAM: 6GB or more
HDD: 32GB or more
DirectX: Version 11
Additional Notes:
1. Resolution may vary depending on your monitor settings.
2. You cannot save the files you are seeing in the DX12 API in the host application
3. The application requires the Microsoft DirectX SDK to be installed on the same computer.
4. Run the game from start menu using Windows Store

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