Frankie Beverly And Maze Anthology Zip ((LINK)) - Печатный знак

Frankie Beverly And Maze Anthology Zip ((LINK))

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Frankie Beverly And Maze Anthology Zip


Maze featuring Frankie Beverly was one of the top R&B artists of the late 70s and 80s.
Carmen B, who at the beginning of her career was a singer, and then, by combining voices, vocals and dance, created a rock that influenced all pop music. Today, people can no longer imagine their lives without such popular songs by Boney M, Eruption, Shakira, The Beatles, Roxette, and many others.
This post is arguably the most important post on my blog and one of the most important I have ever written. I would call it “About the author” (the author’s column in my guestbook, which has not been updated for a long time). Because that is indeed the case, I have not added any “essays” or “stories” to the site. At the beginning, I just commented on the news and events taking place in the world of music.
I am really very, very, VERY pleased that my column has been without an update for so long. Do you know why? Because I don’t like to write new posts unless I’m sure new comments will follow. But I’m not sure and I’m not going to convince others of anything. What I write is just thoughts, absolutely normal and non-aggressive. I pass them through myself and convince myself in this way. As a result, I get something like “letters from readers”: each author comments on his blog in such a way as not to be accused of spam.
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Well, if suddenly you find some catch in my statement, please feel free to tell about it – I’ll look and I won’t lie to you



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